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Gang history, 9-12-04

The blood on his palms was beginning to dry, and he could hear the sirens behind him getting closer. Vonchong115 had just commited murder and he was on the run from the LSPD. He had just killed Benny Chainz a local thug who, in a drunkan rage, had shot him in the arm.
Vonchong115 shot at the police with his colt 45. as he drove, and the police shot back. Soon two of his tires were flattened by lead and he jumped out of his car and ran for his life. Vonchong115 wasn't from Los Santos and had just arrived there on a buisness deal, and since he didn't know the streets of this city he soon found himself in a dead end, at an alley behind Grove Street. He tried jumping the brick wall that trapped him but he couldn't get high enough. He knew he would die before going back to that hell hole, jail. He had no alternative but to shoot at the police, so he did. What happened next is all a blur now, but before he knew it he found himself in front of four dead bodies.
Those killins earned Vonchong115 the nickname of "The Grove Killer" and earned him much respect, and followers throughout the streets of Los Santos. These followers later came to be known the West Side Connection. . .